You Will Be Amazed with the 6 Unique Clothes Here

The design of an outfit gave a real contribution to the growth of the fashion world.

However, this design is inseparable from fashion. Without design, fashion will look bland or flat. A person’s interest in using a garment is also not a little determined by the design of the clothing.

The more unique a dress is, the more people will wear it. The more, not a few people wear it. Then the clothing will become a trend in society.

Fashion trends can make someone willing to drain money to follow them. No wonder, because the fashion worn by someone can reflect who that person is. Expensive clothes will be bought by rich people or who can buy these clothes.

Because clothing is not only useful as a cover for the body, however, there are also aspects of the social position that you want to show through these clothes. Apart from social standing, clothing also indicates a cultural identity.

In addition to the unique interests of prospective buyers, the design also assesses the price of a garment. The more unique, the higher turnover will be obtained. Therefore, the selection of this design is not the origin. That’s why there are jobs that have designer names, and there is fashion design knowledge.

Still closely related to designers, you will say about designer clothes. Maybe you are familiar with this term. Unlike the mainstream clothes that are produced in large quantities, designer clothes are designed exclusively by all limited number of professional fashion designers.

Usually, the shirt model will look exciting and different. The price is, of course, different, not the same as mainstream clothes that are not sold in the market.

What are the unique clothes from all the designers? Consider the following discussion, yeah.

Cream Puff Dress

Besides hamburgers, there are also those who make cream puffs as inspiration in creating clothes. That person is Valentyn Stefano, a Ukrainian chef. He has designed a dress for 1,500 cream puffs. In about two months, Stefano completed this 9 kg of clothing. This idea began when Stefano wanted to make his wedding moment unusual and unforgettable.
Then, he concluded to create his dress that would be worn by his future wife on her wedding day. Because Stefano is a chef and a fantastic dish on the wedding day is a wedding cake, he also chooses cream puff as the main material for wedding dresses for his future wife. Uniquely, this dress is truly edible!

Chocolate Dress

Chocolate is a favorite food of not a few people in this world. Not only children, but adults also are not a few who still like to consume this type of food. Chocolate can be used as a snack at any time, but not at night for those of you who are fat phobias.
This food is popular because it contains substances that are believed to make people who eat it happily. Therefore, chocolate is not a bit of a symbol of love. Chocolate as a symbol of this love may have inspired a familiar designer from Spain to conjure chocolate into something unique, namely wedding dresses. Marriage is full of affection, almost the same as chocolate. Therefore, Paco Rabanner also created a wedding gown from the arrangement of white or white chocolate bars. This mini gown can support the bride’s appearance, unique, and elegant at the same time.

Charmin Toilet Paper Dress

Wedding dresses are among the things that attract the attention of the bride and groom. Many women are willing to think long to judge the material, the motive, to what kind of dress they will wear on their wedding day. But it turns out, this wedding dress in New York, United States is a bit different than other wedding dresses. The dress on display at this event was even made of toilet paper. Following the competition’s name, Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest, not a few well-known designers are struggling to devote their creativity to make beautiful dresses with toilet paper.The prizes offered are also quite large, namely USD 10 thousand or for Rp 133 million. No wonder, not a few people are interested in joining this competition. Of the 1,500 wedding gowns created from toilet paper, Van Tran’s design gowns successfully amazed all the judges and became the winner of the competition.

Van Tran is a designer from Brooklyn. He designed the dress and its accessories like a flower crown, a veil, and floral arrangements using 70 rolls of toilet paper.

Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress

Lady Gaga is indeed familiar as a figure who usually looks eccentric and brave on almost every occasion. Apart from using the Balloon Gown during concerts, the phenomenal attractive costumes different from Lady Gaga are a dress created from meat.

Lady Gaga wore a Franc Fernandez design dress and was painted by Formichetti while attending the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. It was so interesting and unusual, and the dress was named the best suit ever in the Time magazine version. Not only dresses, even Lady Gaga’s accessories are like hats and bags, all of which are also made from fresh meat.

Wedding dress Glow in The Dark

Rihanna was a queen at the Met Gala in 2015 wearing a yellow dress Guo Pei. In addition to Rihanna, Claire Danes appeared on the same program as Elf Night with the design of Zac Posen. Both are elegant, beautiful, and unique because they use dresses with the concept of glow in the dark. Claire Danes can be said to appear most radiant during the party.
The glow in the dark concept dress is also starting to be a little glimpsed by fashion designers in all the world. This dress was adopted as the most amazing romantic wedding gown. Maybe, this dress at a glance looks like an ordinary wedding dress because it looks plain white. But actually, the designer added glow in the dark ornaments.

Not only white, but the light shown is also various, such as white opal, ruby, beige, champagne, and white alabaster lilies. This dress is very suitable for weddings with themes that are not too light. Wearing this dress, the bride will appear as the most shining on her special day.

Haute Couture from Used Newspapers

Maybe not a few people ask, what is Haute Couture? Haute Couture is a luxury industrial spearhead or luxury merchandise. Initially, Haute Couture acted more like a laboratory with defile or fashion shows as a fashion trend design. So, haute couture is indeed the most synonymous with extraordinary luxury.
The dress created from this used newspaper is not the one that was made one time. Even this dress is not new. Because, in the 1960s, among Dior designers, John Galliano, had designed a dress from used newspapers.

Apparently, until now, the trend of used newspapers still seized the fashion community. So, there are still not a few designers who continue to innovate to create clothing from used newspaper materials.

The innovation was also carried out by a familiar designer from France, Franck Sorbier. Sorbier is a couturier, the highest level in the world of fashion design. In 2015, he showed his newest collection on the Paris Haute Couture stage. Sorbier presents luxury, exoticism, and art in gold blankets.

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