Top 10 Hottest Soccer Players

Top 10 Hottest Soccer Players: Fashion Icons and Branded Items

Maybe it’s not wrong if we call football players the most glamorous athletes. These field stars take up the world’s most popular sport and live life like celebrities. No wonder the public and the media are always interested in their daily lives.

One thing that also characterizes football players is their fashion sense. A number of players have even been dubbed fashion icons. It has been included in the list of the best-dressed male celebrities, contracted to be a model until someone has released a collection of garment products as well.

Who are they? Here are some of the most fashionable football players.

Mario Bolatelli Fashion

Mario Balotelli

The player nicknamed Super Mario seems to know no boundaries in appearance. She did not hesitate to try on various luxurious clothes and accessories that caught the eye. A series of the most quirky hairstyles ever tried.

It seems that his young age made Balotelli’s passion for experimentation flare up. His favorite looks are leather jackets, fur coats, and super fashionable baggy pants. Don’t miss the bling-bling accessories and cool sneakers.

Anyway, if you see Balotelli’s eccentric appearance off the field, it’s like seeing a rapper like Kanye West in all his luxuries.

Kevin Trapp Fashion

Kevin Trapp

Having a handsome look and a proportional body like a model, Paris Saint-Germain player Kevin Trapp clearly has the capital to become a fashion icon. This 189 cm tall man likes to look stylish with a cool coat and sunglasses.

The man who had posed for BOSS Menswear has a slick street style, simple but elegant. Especially when he appeared in public with his girlfriend, supermodel Izabel Goulart.

Kevin also likes to attend fashion shows with other football players who are also famous for their fashion sense, namely Neymar and David Beckham. The three were caught attending the Louis Vuitton Menswear show at Paris Fashion Week 2018.

Neymar Fashion


Neymar da Silva Santos Junior is not just an icon on the gridiron. This young star is also famous for his high fashion sense. His presence in various fashion shows of well-known brands is no longer a strange thing.

Since his rise in popularity at the age of 17, Neymar has signed contracts with leading sportswear brands, one of which is Nike which has signed him for 11 years.

When interviewed by Highsnobiety, Neymar admitted that he likes fashion and is not afraid to be different. Her favorite accessory is sneakers.

“I think [my personal style] is a combination of things. When you feel good you wear nice clothes and when you go to places like restaurants you try to look cool. So I think my personal style reflects a lot about my personality. ,” he said.

Keisuke Honda Fashion

Keisuke Honda

Japanese men are known for their outstanding fashion sense. Keisuke Honda is no exception. This brown-skinned man always looks dapper in a formal suit and blonde hair.

Even when choosing a casual look, Keisuke still looks fashionable, especially with the two watches he always wears. I don’t know what the purpose is.

Claudio Marchisio Fashion

Claudio Marchisio

This Italian player seems to have good taste in choosing clothes with quality materials and cuts. She was also contracted to model for Hugo Boss Bottled.

Claudio describes his fashion style as an elegant appearance. “Whether I’m wearing jeans or a sweater, I try to pay attention to every detail and always add a touch of elegance,” she told ELLE Canada.

According to Claudio, he prefers suits to jeans and t-shirts. To attend important events, he even dresses longer than his wife.

“I try to set aside enough time. In fact, I always need more time to get ready than my wife.”

Jerome Boateng Fashion

Jerome Boateng

Although his appearance is not as flashy as Neymar’s or Balotelli, Jerome Boateng who is more often dressed casually was named one of the best-dressed men in 2015 by Germany’s GQ magazine.

As reported by, the man who likes to wear glasses collects around 650 pairs of shoes. He has also signed with several international brands, one of which is Nike. Both of them had launched the Nike x OFF-WHITE World Cup collection.

Gerard Pique Fashion

Gerard Pique

This blue-eyed handsome man is known for his skills on the gridiron and his private life with singer Shakira. Not many know that Pique is also the face of the label H.E. from Mango Menswear.

Regarding his new role in the modeling world, Pique said that he has always been interested in fashion. He likes to look cool while attending formal events. While the daily appearance is more likely to be casual.

“I’ve been following fashion since I was 15 or 16 years old. I love it and I trust my fashion sense,” she said as reported by FASHION.

Cristiano Ronaldo Fashion

Cristiano Ronaldo

This football star is truly a legend on the gridiron and in the fashion world. A series of products labeled with his name have been released on the market and are selling well too. Starting from denim, underwear, perfume, and sportswear, to shampoo. Not to mention the magazines that take advantage of his good looks for the cover.

For everyday looks, CR7 likes to dress elegantly and luxuriously. From head to toe studded with luxury goods. Some of his favorite brands are Gucci and Philipp Plein.

Paul Pogba Fashion

Paul Pogba

Pogba’s appearance was no less flamboyant than his colleagues on the gridiron. He likes wearing expensive hip-hop-style clothes. A touch of sparkling color is his trademark, whether it’s from metal accessories, bags, blazers, or the shirts he wears.

Her favorite luxury clothing brand is Balmain. In addition, he also likes to wear collections from Givenchy and Balenciaga.

Pogba has partnered with sportswear Adidas. They have already issued a capsule collection of Adidas x Pogba.

David Beckham Fashion

David Beckham

Despite his long retirement from football, Beckham’s fame doesn’t seem to have faded. His name is still listed on GQ’s list of the best-dressed men in 2015. Beckham is said to be the first celebrity to hold metrosexual status and was considered an icon in both fashion and hairstyle in the early 2000s.

Thanks to his popularity in the fashion world, Beckham and his wife have become the most sought-after celebrities by designers, cosmetic manufacturers, sportswear brands, medical devices, travel companies, and magazines. He has made hundreds of millions of dollars from contracts with top brands.

That’s a row of football athletes with the most fashionable sense of dress. Who do you think is the coolest among them?

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