Review the Inspiration Behind the Dior Collection for 2020

This creation has little to do with the legacy of decorative traditions.

Maria Grazia Chiuri as the designer of the Dior fashion house got her inspiration for designing the Spring / Summer 2020 collection from several archives of Catherine Dior’s photo. A woman who fosters freedom, independence, and has a deep love for the flowers in her family’s garden, has made Catherine an essential protagonist in Dior’s history. To honor him, the first release perfume from the iconic Dior fashion house was named “Miss Dior.”

The photos also remind designers of the founders of fashion houses. In addition to being a fashion designer, Christian is also a gallerist, architectural aspirant, and has a gardening hobby. Throughout Christian careers, the aesthetic beauty of flowers has often been his main inspiration when designing many clothes. Some of the iconic flower-themed collections include various print motifs with various kinds of blooming flowers appearing to decorate spring dresses in 1949, and spring dresses titled “Japanese Garden” in 1953, summer dresses with the headline “Rose France” in 1956, and a spring dress named “Roseraie” in 1957.

Looking back that the beauty of the park and nature carved a lot of history in the journey of the Dior fashion house, Maria decided to make the latest creation with the theme “Inclusive Garden.” The collection will be present in the brand-new spirit through a game of motifs and embroidery that has the texture of raffia or sparkle. A variety of silhouettes and detailed creations of the richness of plant species will also color various 2020 spring/summer clothing and accessories in contemporary packaging. “It seems important to me to handle this heritage with a new perspective: flowers and plants do not only exist as cosmetic goals; they are our environment. We commit to caring for them, starting today and more than ever before,” said Maria.

To be presented in the right nuance, Maria collaborated with Coloco, who is an artist in a workshop to produce a contemporary landscape with the theme of collective art of gardening cultivation. The artist succeeded in compiling a series of decorations by depicting forests rich in plant species diversity, appearing as a symbol indicating that everyone can contribute to the cultivation and preservation of natural beauty for the common future.

The fashion show was successfully carried out according to the plan envisioned by Maria, namely several female gardeners with unique characters who care about environmental sustainability. “I started this collection by thinking about the main inspiration for Christian Dior, the garden, which was grown and maintained by Catherine Dior as a professional flower designer,” explained the Creative Director.

Here are five solid matching accessories from the spring/summer 2020 Dior collection that you should put on your wishlist:

Power of Jewelry

# Power of Jewelry

Some of the above fashion jewelry is a product that you need to have this season. These accessories are very easy to mix and match and can make the appearance more extra visible.

It's Gardening Time

# It’s Gardening Time

If you have an agenda for gardening, a solid match with the above accessories can support a fashionable look throughout the day.

Just Chill Out

# Just Chill Out

Using sneakers and clutches and sunglasses is the right choice if you want to take a leisurely walk around the city.

Romance is In The Air

# Romance is In The Air

The collection of accessories in this romantic hue comes in a graceful look that is very suitable to be worn by lovers of feminine dress styles.

Party is Coming

# Party is Coming

If you get an invitation to the party, the matching accessories above can be the perfect solution to look stunning.

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