Recommendations for The Best Chino Pants 2019

Chino pants are one type of pants that are not worn by all men. These chino pants are created from the basic material in the form of twill fabric.

These chino pants were initially pants that were used for military needs, but after the post-war period, not a few of this military personnel used these pants for daily activities.

If in the past this chino were made from synthetic materials, now along with the growth of the era these chino pants began to be created from synthetic materials and mixed cotton. Chino pants usually have a strict form that is matched with the shape of a man’s foot. Chino also usually has a design with two pockets in the rear element and two pockets or pockets that are on the right and left side.

The shape is almost similar to jeans, but the chino has no coin pocket on the side like jeans. These chino pants are very suitable for use and use in everyday work and even in official work.

For those of you who are digging up recommendations regarding the excellent brand of chino and also having a contemporary model, as follows, I will give you not much information about the brand or brand of the cool chino pants. Please listen carefully.

3 Second

This original Indonesian brand has indeed been famous for its reasonably good quality and not inferior to foreign bands. 3 Seconds also produce male chino with many models, including the most unline regular fit models and mid-rise models so that they are suitable to support your appearance.

And there are also models of off white colored chinos with a slim fit design. All of the chinos created by these 3 Seconds use the highest quality cotton.


This Contempo brand produces men’s chino with a variety of model options. That is like long chino pants that have a regular fit with light brown. These pants are created using durative cotton and are not easy to wear off.

Then there are the long khaki pants that are created in a regular fit model that is very suitable for casual to a formal look.


Brand Volcom also produces men’s chino with the best quality and the most trendy design. One of the familiar chino models from this brand is chino with a mid rise regular fit model with black and hide brown colors. Everything is made from quality cotton.


This brand also produces men’s chinos of high-quality cotton. One of the familiar models of chino pants is the slim fit mid rise model with navy blue which is equipped with belt loops and pockets or pockets on the back and sides.

Emba Casual

The chino made by the brand Emba Casual does have the most casual format or model. One of the chinos made by Emba Casual has a black color with a regular fit and mid-rise model that you can choose to suit your taste.

The quality of Emba Casual’s chino products does not need any doubt, because all the products created by Emba Casual are produced from quality materials and have also passed the QC process.

Lois Jeans

Spanish fashion brands that also produce men’s chino are Lois Jeans. One of the models of chino made by the brand Lois Jeans is a basic long chino that appears in beige and a slim fit model and a mid-rise design to the point that it will bring a casual impression but still unique and still looks cool for use.

There are also different color choices that are like gray colors that are very suitable for use in formal events or even for semi-formal events. Chino Celan made by Lois Jeans is made from quality cotton that can last long.


Zara is one of the Spanish fashion brands. Zara also produced many models of men’s chino pants. The chino made by Zara is created from the most powerful and quality cotton.

Zara’s chino pants are equipped with four pockets or a pocket like a chino in general, and there is also a zipper on the front element. One of the best-selling chinos produced by Zara in the market is a long blue navy colored chino that has the most straight, straight fit model. And even the preloved long chino that appears in light gray is quite impressive.


This American brand does produce as many fashion products, specifically for children with sporty models. No exception with men’s chinos. One of the chino models is a slim fit and mid-rise model with solid brindle colors. Made from high-quality cotton to the point that it is not easy to wear off and lasts longer.

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