Recognize Types of Jeans According to Your Body Shape

Do not let one wear a model of jeans that does not match the format of your body, here we review it in full.

Who doesn’t like jeans? Denim pants that are easy to mix and match and are the most comfortable to wear have become support pants for each person. The clever use of jeans can even make quite a few people have just a few items. Therefore, you also have to be careful in choosing jeans that will be an essential item in your closet. Choosing jeans is like choosing online poker games. Find the one that fits you well and have a good style on you. This kind of choosing methods also work when you choose games from the trusted online casino sites. Find one game that suits your play style, learn it well and win some cash.

The number of types of jeans that are circulating everywhere, creating you must recognize the format of our body first before having one of them. Check out the discussion of the Bazaar about the technique of adjusting denim pants that will wrap our body format perfectly.

# Jeggings

Jeggings are a pair of denim jeans that are similar to leggings. The stretch material is the most comfortable to wear every day, especially for those of you who are pregnant. The pieces like leggings create these pants do not have zipper or buttons. Due to the strict format like skinny jeans, for your pear-shaped and curvy body type, choose the color of the denim with a darker shade for slimming effects.

# High Rise Slim Jeans

This model of jeans can be an option for your body type curvy owners who want to wear a model that has similarity to skinny jeans. The high rise slim jeans model has a line that can be adjusted with the curvy hip body. In addition to the owner of a curvy body, this one model is right for giving up the impression of indentation for the hourglass body type owner.

# Low Rise Jeans

The model of low rise jeans is a model of jeans that will hold right on the element of your waist. The bottom of the pants has a silhouette that follows the format of the wearer’s feet so that creating these pants will wrap your legs with the right level. The owner of an hourglass or petite body can wear this one model right at the same time you can wear to show off the curves of the body the results of your exercise around this.

# Flared Jeans

These one jeans is a must have item for those of you who like to adopt the style of the ’90s. The shape is similar to jeans, and the boot cut model has a difference in the bottom element, the silhouette that extends to the side. These pants are the most appropriate for us who have tall bodies or pear-shaped and round body types. Unfortunately, for those of you who have a petite body try to avoid this one model jeans and choose skinny pants that can wrap our feet properly.

# Straight Leg Jeans

Straight leg silhouette jeans have a straight line that is not too tight in the elements of the leg, to the extent that it does not show off the wearer’s curves. Models that are one of the skinny silhouettes and flared jeans will make your legs look longer and slimmer. For those of you who are hesitant to choose the model of jeans that is right for your body type, pick this one model, and it has been proven to be suitable for use in all body formats.

# Boot Cut

The boot cut silhouette has a tight line to the knee area, which then extends to the wearer’s ankle. For those of you who are fond of wearing cropped-shaped tops, this type of jeans you need to have. The underside of the pants makes it easily worn by various formats, and the body is classified as a curvy type.

# Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans have a silhouette that will wrap the form of our legs tightly from the thigh to the ankle. This one model of jeans is very suitable for us who have slender legs or slim silhouette legs. In addition to the level legs, these jeans also perfectly wrap your hourglass-shaped body and petite body. For those of you who have a round or pear-shaped body type, try to avoid the kind of skinny jeans that will make the format of our legs look not proportional enough.

# Boyfriend Jeans

Even though it looks like a male’s jeans, this one jeans model is classified as something that is not in demand by all women. The cut will hold our waist tight and have a full line from the thigh to the ankle element. The shape that looks loose is what creates the most comfortable jeans to wear. For those of you who have a pear shaped and curvy body, this jeans model will look right for us to wear. However, this model should be avoided by your petite body because the silhouette can make you look shorter.

# Cropped Jeans

For those of us who don’t like pants with enough length to the ankles, cropped jeans can be a mainstay. Models that have a length of three quarters will give up along illusion in the wearer’s feet. If you have a petite body type or feel your thighs look significant, you can use these pants for slimming effects on the legs.

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