Why is Hermes Bag Expensive?

Why is Hermes Bag Expensive?

Of course, you already know that the price of a Hermes bag is exorbitant, right? It seems only the super-rich want to buy a bag from this French brand. A number of top Indonesian artists are known to have a collection of Hermes bags. A number of state officials are also seen carrying bags worth hundreds of millions and even billions of these.

Among the wealthy socialites, Hermes bags are indeed selling well. For them, buying a Hermes bag might not be a difficult matter, huh. Because it was so popular, the family that founded Hermes could have a wealth of Rp. 718 trillion, you know. Really big, right? But if you want to buy a Hermes bag, you have to spend a huge pocket. You can get a lot of money if you have a job that gives you significant money, one of them is like playing online gambling. You can get a lot of money through your winnings. Online betting is not detrimental, let alone a huge jackpot. Big agen sbobet company like Yukbola, would give you a huge sum of money if you win in their site. You can use the money to buy some Hermes bags for your own collection.

Why is Hermes Bag Expensive?

Despite the success of Hermes, you might be wondering, why does this bag sell so well even though it’s so expensive? Are there really a lot of rich people? Before answering that question, maybe we need to look at how the history of Hermes came to be what it is today.

So the Hermes brand was first released in the 19th century (1837) by Thierry Hermes, who was of German-French descent who decided to settle in France in 1828. At that time, Hermes did not make bag products but equestrian equipment such as saddles. Since appearing, Hermes has indeed targeted the upper class, namely the aristocrats, because, at that time, the aristocrats were very fond of horse riding.

In 1880, the business was then continued by Thierry’s son, Charles-Emile. Hermes horse saddles began to be sold outside France from North Africa, Russia, Asia, to America in the hands of the child.

In 1918, the company was led by the third generation of this family, Adolphe, and Emile-Meurice. And in their hands, Hermes finally started producing clothes and other accessories.

One of the most historical moments was the first zippered golf jacket that Prince Edward wore. And since then, Hermes seems to be getting more and more famous and moving on. A number of relatives from the Hermes family also joined to develop the family business.

And in 1922, the first Hermes bag was launched thanks to the idea of ​​Emile-Maurice. All of that was inspired by their own needs. He started by making a handbag for himself.

At this time, Hermes finally focused on the clothing business and opened their first shop in the United States.

After Emile-Maurice’s death in 1951, Robert Dumas, one of the sons-in-law of the Hermes family, was appointed to head the company. Dumas changed his name to Robert Dumas-Hermes.

In Dumas’ hands, Hermes underwent a number of changes, including changing the Hermes logo into a horse saddle. Bag products, jewelry, and accessories are getting more and more focused. Of course, this is for rich people.

Why is Hermes Bag Expensive?

In 1956, the American actress Grace Kelly helped popularize this bag. When she married Prince Rainier III of Monaco, Grace was photographed carrying a Hermes Sac a Depeche bag.

The bag was also called the Kelly bag and became popular when Grace Kelly died. Until now, this form of bag is the most popular and liked by many people.

In 1990, this company underwent serious development, especially because its tableware was made of porcelain and crystal.

Despite this development, Hermes has not changed its market share. They still target the upper class with their quality products.

In 1993, Hermes officially took the floor on the stock exchange. They offered 425 thousand shares at a price of US $ 55 per share. However, it was reported that the Hermes family still controlled 80 percent of the company’s shares.

His decision to make an IPO at that time was also aimed at easing tensions between the Hermes family over share ownership. And it was at that time, this French family entered the ranks of the richest families in the world, according to the famous economic magazine Forbes.

Their product is also clearly developing. They started producing perfumes and working with famous designers.

In 2013 the company was held by Axel Dumas, who is the nephew of Jean Louise Dumas. Axel Dumas only joined Hermes in 2003 in the audit division.

So you could say that currently, Hermes is led by the sixth generation of Thierry Hermes descendants.

In this era of Axel Dumas’ leadership, Hermes was seen actively collaborating with other brands.

Wow, the history of Hermes is also long. No wonder the price can be so high.

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