Formal and Stylish Outerwear for Online Meetings

Formal and Stylish Outerwear for Online Meetings

Check out the latest outerwear designs by renowned fashion houses that you can wear for a week.

To be able to maximize performance while running work from home, wearing work clothes is one of the key supporters. There are policies of several companies that require each person to attend meetings via online every day; the use of formal but fashionable outerwear can support your appearance—the following unified inspiration with ten kinds of outerwear that you can wear for the next week.

Cheerful Monday
# Cheerful Monday

Monday has arrived, it’s time for you to wear clothes with a bright hue to add energy. Also, you can choose outerwear with jacquard material that can give the effect of sparkle on display. Pair with a white shirt and tie to get maximum performance.

If the jacquard material is not in the wardrobe, you can also play hit and wana on three copies of clothing, namely blazers, vests, and shirts. Choose woolen outerwear with a zigzag herringbone accent to support the style.

Minimalist on Tuesday

# Minimalist on Tuesday

A variety of work with short deadlines began to arrive. On Tuesday, you wear minimalist nuanced clothing. Choose outerwear with cashmere material that has overlapping accent pieces as the center of attention from today’s display.

Or you can also use a cape with a hanging accent on the back as an alternative. The existence of large button ornaments found on the front also gives a fashion statement.

Fresh Wednesday

# Fresh Wednesday

Entering the middle of the week, you need to improve your mood by using bold clothing. No need to wear a suit like Monday, you can choose casual outerwear with a belt to produce a fashionable look.

But if you like the sophisticated style of dress, wear loose-sized outerwear with a firm shoulder cut as the solution. Present in an asymmetrical design, this blazer also offers a futuristic style.

Cozy Thursday

# Cozy Thursday

Wearing casual but formal clothing on a day full of deadlines is the right choice. Try matching and matching cardigan with the shirt in matching tone to give a modern yet comfortable charm while working.

If your mood wants a feminine outfit on that day, choose a black dress as a combination of the pastel-colored cardigan. The look will look more charming if you can add feather accents on the cardigan sleeves.

Thank God It’s Friday

# Thank God It’s Friday

Finally, Friday came, it is undeniable that various invitations to party online began to appear. For that, you need to use outerwear with a waist cut as an action dress. Combine it with a white shirt, Bermuda pants, and a necklace to get a stunning look all day long.

But if you want to look unique on Fridays, try a coat that has a piece that connects with a scarf like the output from this Dior fashion house. Can be worn into various styles, this product is worth to be added to the wishlist.

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