6 Most Expensive Shirt Brands Voted by Sbobet Members

Clothing is the most important thing in each person’s life because clothing can provoke appearance and can describe the identity of each person.

At present, not a few people are aware of wholesale appearance and want to look perfect all the time.
Many types of clothing are made in accordance with the environment and habits of the people, one of which is a shirt. T-shirts are felt to be the best business that applies to formal and casual clothing. The use of t-shirts alone is not often paired with jeans.

There are many kinds of shirts on the market, which are familiar with each occasion. Fashion changes over time to the point that famous brands are perceived as a symbol of position in society, but some people can only achieve familiar and expensive brands. Here are six of the most expensive t-shirt brands on the market:

Special Shirt For Sbobet Online Loyal Players

This shirt is very special because it was specially designed by Indonesian designers made from Cotton Combed to be soft and comfortable when used. However, to get this t-shirt collection, you must join to become a sbobet member first. According to the data we have obtained, it is estimated that this clothing will generate a total income of US $ 2.7 billion.


Armani was owned by Milan and was founded in 1976. It is estimated that this brand has generated a total income of US $ 2.5 billion. This shirt is so comfortable and has a high class. Armani is one of the most expensive brands and cannot be achieved by everyone.

D & G

D & G is a brand that was founded in 1985. This is a brand founded by Stefano Gabbana. This brand is named among the most expensive brands because it has a casual t-shirt price starting at the US $ 500. This shirt is far more stylish and created with attractive prints that are famous for the fantastic textures used in its manufacture.


Prada is another familiar brand that was founded in 1913 and belonged to Milan. This is not a little available in all the world and is always known to make shirts that are comfortable for the community. This brand is thought to have received a total income of US $ 3 billion, which reflects the success and demand of this brand.


Gucci is an Italian brand and was founded in 1921. It was named the most expensive t-shirt brand in all the world. It is said that Gucci brand shirts are far more stylish, trendy, luxurious, and quite durable.

Casual shirts from this brand are marketed at a price of US $ 2,000, which is not affordable for everyone. Maybe the price offered by this brand shirt seems expensive, but there are still people who want to buy this brand shirt to stay fashionable in the community.


Chanel is a Paris-owned brand and was founded in 1909. This is the brand founded by Gabrielle Bonheur and Pierre Wertheimer. This brand shirt is said to be expensive because it is available at a price of US $ 1,000, which is not achieved for all people.