3 World Fashion Conqueror Transgender Models Preferred by Agen Sbobet Brand

For a model, to be familiar and survive in the world fashion industry is not an easy matter.

Hard work and high discipline are absolute. Especially if the model is not an “ordinary” woman but a transgender person. Andreja Pejic, Geena Rocero, and Isis King prove that their hard work can make it a professional model budgeted in the fashion industry.

The transgender figure wants to be difficult for the community to accept. But all three are now a kind of benchmark if anyone can conquer the world fashion industry. The key, having a powerful identity, and surely there is no word of surrender. They also did not open their phobias to the public about their struggle to become transgender.

Isis King – First Rank World Conqueror Mode Transgender Model Voted by Agen Sbobet Member in Asia

Having no home, Isis King became the only finalist for homeless America’s Next Top Model. Appearing on a search reality model show made his name skyrocket. He also became the first transgender model to become an American Apparel advertisement model. Critical insults and insults came to him. But King elegantly faced it, and his name is now among the models budgeted in the US.

Geena Rocero

The model originating from Manila, the Philippines has a myriad of activities that echo transgender rights. Starting his career at Next Model Management, he succeeded in a career in New York, United States. Appeared in various Agen Sbobet magazines, one of them was JudiSakti and being a model of various brands did not make him feel satisfied. He then studied law and became an advocate. Now he is still an activist who fights for the rights of all transgender people.

Andreja Pejic

His name skyrocketed after exhibiting the most beautiful androgynous photo session. The Austrian model that has Bosnian blood began its model career when it was 17 years old. When he took place on the catwalk, he brought clothes designed by Marc Jacobs and Gaultier to become a byword.

The uniqueness of the face and posture does make it a model for men’s and women’s clothing. He was also contracted by the beauty product Make Up For Forever. Life as a man did not fit his heart. At the beginning of 2014 he underwent a sex change operation, Andreja also did not hesitate to open to the public.
“I’ve never felt this comfortable around this. I feel 100 percent, “he said to People magazine, after his operation.