12 Facts of Louis Vuitton

12 Facts of Louis Vuitton

Luxurious, timeless, and delicate.

These three words might be the right description to describe Louis Vuitton’s top fashion brand. The popularity of its name, its distinctive monogram, and its iconic shapes make it guaranteed that anyone will ‘memorize’ and be familiar with the appearance of Louis Vuitton products.

The brand name is taken from the name of the founder named Louis Vuitton, who was born in 1821. After a long career in craftmanship in France, he finally founded the Louis Vuitton box and luggage company in 1854.

Louis Vuitton’s popularity due to its craftsmanship and product qualities has made many companies copy their designs and characteristics. Finally, in 1896, the Louis Vuitton monogram pattern was introduced. This pattern is so iconic that it has been embedded for 123 years in Louis Vuitton designs.

How could it not be, the monogram which consists of the letters L and V which are interlocked, a flower pattern with four petals, and an organic trefoil style pattern, inspired by the combination of Japanese style and oriental designs in the Victorian era, this is often a symbol of ‘class’ in social circles.

This brand, which has been established in 1854, has witnessed the development of world fashion.

12 Facts of Louis Vuitton

Here, Psasupply summarizes 12 other unique and interesting facts from top Louis Vuitton brands.

  1. Before being famous for the brand he created, Louis Vuitton was a man who came from a middle to lower working-class family. He left his family home at the age of 13 to pursue his big dream of Paris.
  2. He traveled 292 miles or 470 km from his family home located in the eastern region of France to Paris by walking for two years. He made the long journey with regular stops to do odd jobs. This is the way he should do to support his needs and personal life.
  3. Arriving in Paris in 1837, Louis Vuitton found work in a workshop to make boxes and packaging. Many people recognize his shrewdness. His reputation increased, and his name was increasingly recognized as an honorable craftsman. Because of these skills, he was appointed as a special staff who made boxes (suitcases) for the needs of Eugenie de Montijo, who was the wife of Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France from 1804 to 1814. This moment became his main ‘door’ to join with France’s elite classes.
  4. His career journey allowed him to establish his own company in 1854. Although the Louis Vuitton company had been around since 1854 as a travel box and luggage company, he only started making tote bags in 1892.
  5. One of the most popular Louis Vuitton bags with the name ‘Speedy’ was originally created for travel boxes or luggage. However, one day Audrey Hepburn, a film star as well as a fashion icon, called Louis Vuitton and asked to make a mini version of the Speedy. Suddenly, the popularity of this Speedy bag peaked and became the most popular Louis Vuitton bag model to date.
  6. Apart from Speedy, the ‘Alma’ bag is another popular Louis Vuitton bag. This bag was actually specially designed at Coco Chanel’s personal request. This chic, beautiful, and feminine form is loved by every woman today. Uniquely, this Alma-style Louis Vuitton bag is the only bag Coco Chanel has ever carried, apart from her own brand.
    12 Facts of Louis Vuitton
  7. Did you know that the quality check process of Louis Vuitton bags is a very long process? Before being sold, Louis Vuitton bags have to undergo endurance tests such as being loaded with an object weighing 3.5 kg and being dropped from a height of half a meter for four consecutive days. It didn’t stop there; the zipper from the bag had to be continuously opened and closed 5,000 times to ensure its durability. Wow!
  8. This one fact may be painful for some of you. All unsold Louis Vuitton bags and shoes will be returned to the factory in France, where they are destroyed and burned. It hurts, right? Yes, this must be done to ensure the Louis Vuitton brand image remains exclusive.
  9. Louis Vuitton will never give discount prices on the goods they produce. Like the previous point, if the goods are not sold, then a discount is not a solution.
  10. All Louis Vuitton bags are handmade – or purely handcrafted. Reportedly, it takes one week to make one bag.
  11. The popular Louis Vuitton monogram was popularized by Louis Vuitton’s son Georges Vuitton. The monogram was created to avoid all forms of plagiarism from other companies against the Louis Vuitton brand.
  12. Louis Vuitton has about 460 stores in 50 countries. The largest shop is located at 101 avenue des Champs-Elysees, Paris, France, with an area of ​​about 1800 square meters. Then, in Nevada, United States, Louis Vuitton has five official boutiques along the same street. And the most unique is located in Singapore, which is now part of the iconic Marina Bay Sands area. The shop has a bookstore, a relaxation area, a gallery, and an underwater tunnel that leads to the hotel and Marina Bay Sands mall.

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