10 Most Popular Designer Products in the World

10 Most Popular Designer Products in the World

Four times a year, the fashion search engine Lyst collects the most popular designer brands and products by analyzing its search and social data.

To compile the results, the company analyzed the online shopping behavior of more than five million shoppers, who searched, searched, and bought clothing at 12,000 designers and online stores. The formula behind the Index takes into account Lyst and Google’s global search data, conversion rates, and sales, and mentions on social media brands and products as well as involvement in statistics around the world over three months.

Here are 10 of the most coveted products in 2019.

Gucci logo belt

# Gucci logo belt

Love for belts bearing the Gucci logo shows no signs of slowing down. This iconic accessory is now ranked fourth in the quarter.

Belts, 320 lbs, Gucci on Net-a-Porter

Prada stud-embellished headband

# Prada stud-embellished headband

Next up is Prada’s stud-embellished bandana. This item is responsible for a 300 percent increase in product search in just two months. These accessories give birth to a variety of copycat designs at lower prices and can be held responsible for more general trends for bouji hair accessories.

Bandana, £ 405, Prada in Matches Fashion

Jacquemus Le Chiquito bag

# Jacquemus Le Chiquito bag

The Le Chiquito Jacquemus bag increased the social brand by 1,831 percent and triggered thousands of searches on Lyst. Many small totes in various colors quickly sell out at online retailers in a matter of weeks.

Bag, £ 360, Jacquemus at Browns

Sandy Liang shearling jacket

# Sandy Liang shearling jacket

Sandy Liang’s shearling jacket is one of the two products that are not accessories with animal-print trims. With interesting works inspired by New York, this brand is quickly becoming a sensation, and its relatively affordable price certainly helps drive sales.

Jacket, £ 327.51, Sandy Liang at Shopbop

Gucci logo belt

# Gucci Ace sneakers

Gucci Ace Sneakers remain in the number 10 most sought after product since last year, making it the second most popular shoe trainers in 2019.

Trainers, £ 445, Gucci at Net-a-Porter

Chloé Sawyer slides

# Chloé Sawyer slides

Chloé Sawyer’s sandals have seen a 273 percent increase in searches since January. This item might end up being the most popular summer sandal.

Sandal, £ 248, Chloé at Farfetch

Nike Pro hijab

# Nike Pro hijab

While the search for headscarves has been steadily increasing since it was released last year, demand has risen 125 percent in the Lyst quarter after French retailer Decathlon canceled plans to sell sports headscarves after threats and complaints. This news encourages the mention of Nike’s social brand by 4,900 percent.

Hijab, £ 24.95, Nike

Fendi baguette bag

# Fendi baguette bag

A product that was as popular as it used to be was Fendi’s baguette bag, which was present as the second most popular tote bag and the sixth most popular product in the quarter this year.

Bag, £ 1,890, Fendi

Alexander McQueen oversized sole sneakers

# Alexander McQueen oversized sole sneakers

Currently being sought every two minutes at Lyst, oversized sole sneakers by Alexander McQueen are the most popular item in the quarter, thanks in part to people like and Alicia Vikander and Jennifer Lopez. They are both seen wearing these shoes.

Trainers, £ 360, Alexander McQueen at Farfetch

Proenza Schouler tie-dye turtleneck

# Proenza Schouler tie-dye turtleneck

The Proenza Schouler tie-dye turtleneck has seen a 54 percent increase in Lyst search and more than 32,000 mentions on social. This product presents a big trend for tie-dye that is seen throughout the SS19 collection.

Boss, £ 284, Proenza Schouler

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