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Top 10 Hottest Soccer Players

Top 10 Hottest Soccer Players: Fashion Icons and Branded Items

Maybe it’s not wrong if we call football players the most glamorous athletes. These field stars take up the world’s most popular sport and live life like celebrities. No wonder the public and the media are always interested in their daily lives.

One thing that also characterizes football players is their fashion sense. A number of players have even been dubbed fashion icons. It has been included in the list of the best-dressed male celebrities, contracted to be a model until someone has released a collection of garment products as well.

Who are they? Here are some of the most fashionable football players.

Mario Bolatelli Fashion

Mario Balotelli

The player nicknamed Super Mario seems to know no boundaries in appearance. She did not hesitate to try on various luxurious clothes and accessories that caught the eye. A series of the most quirky hairstyles ever tried.

It seems that his young age made Balotelli’s passion for experimentation flare up. His favorite looks are leather jackets, fur coats, and super fashionable baggy pants. Don’t miss the bling-bling accessories and cool sneakers.

Anyway, if you see Balotelli’s eccentric appearance off the field, it’s like seeing a rapper like Kanye West in all his luxuries.

Kevin Trapp Fashion

Kevin Trapp

Having a handsome look and a proportional body like a model, Paris Saint-Germain player Kevin Trapp clearly has the capital to become a fashion icon. This 189 cm tall man likes to look stylish with a cool coat and sunglasses.

The man who had posed for BOSS Menswear has a slick street style, simple but elegant. Especially when he appeared in public with his girlfriend, supermodel Izabel Goulart.

Kevin also likes to attend fashion shows with other football players who are also famous for their fashion sense, namely Neymar and David Beckham. The three were caught attending the Louis Vuitton Menswear show at Paris Fashion Week 2018.

Neymar Fashion


Neymar da Silva Santos Junior is not just an icon on the gridiron. This young star is also famous for his high fashion sense. His presence in various fashion shows of well-known brands is no longer a strange thing.

Since his rise in popularity at the age of 17, Neymar has signed contracts with leading sportswear brands, one of which is Nike which has signed him for 11 years.

When interviewed by Highsnobiety, Neymar admitted that he likes fashion and is not afraid to be different. Her favorite accessory is sneakers.

“I think [my personal style] is a combination of things. When you feel good you wear nice clothes and when you go to places like restaurants you try to look cool. So I think my personal style reflects a lot about my personality. ,” he said.

Keisuke Honda Fashion

Keisuke Honda

Japanese men are known for their outstanding fashion sense. Keisuke Honda is no exception. This brown-skinned man always looks dapper in a formal suit and blonde hair.

Even when choosing a casual look, Keisuke still looks fashionable, especially with the two watches he always wears. I don’t know what the purpose is.

Claudio Marchisio Fashion

Claudio Marchisio

This Italian player seems to have good taste in choosing clothes with quality materials and cuts. She was also contracted to model for Hugo Boss Bottled.

Claudio describes his fashion style as an elegant appearance. “Whether I’m wearing jeans or a sweater, I try to pay attention to every detail and always add a touch of elegance,” she told ELLE Canada.

According to Claudio, he prefers suits to jeans and t-shirts. To attend important events, he even dresses longer than his wife.

“I try to set aside enough time. In fact, I always need more time to get ready than my wife.”

Jerome Boateng Fashion

Jerome Boateng

Although his appearance is not as flashy as Neymar’s or Balotelli, Jerome Boateng who is more often dressed casually was named one of the best-dressed men in 2015 by Germany’s GQ magazine.

As reported by, the man who likes to wear glasses collects around 650 pairs of shoes. He has also signed with several international brands, one of which is Nike. Both of them had launched the Nike x OFF-WHITE World Cup collection.

Gerard Pique Fashion

Gerard Pique

This blue-eyed handsome man is known for his skills on the gridiron and his private life with singer Shakira. Not many know that Pique is also the face of the label H.E. from Mango Menswear.

Regarding his new role in the modeling world, Pique said that he has always been interested in fashion. He likes to look cool while attending formal events. While the daily appearance is more likely to be casual.

“I’ve been following fashion since I was 15 or 16 years old. I love it and I trust my fashion sense,” she said as reported by FASHION.

Cristiano Ronaldo Fashion

Cristiano Ronaldo

This football star is truly a legend on the gridiron and in the fashion world. A series of products labeled with his name have been released on the market and are selling well too. Starting from denim, underwear, perfume, and sportswear, to shampoo. Not to mention the magazines that take advantage of his good looks for the cover.

For everyday looks, CR7 likes to dress elegantly and luxuriously. From head to toe studded with luxury goods. Some of his favorite brands are Gucci and Philipp Plein.

Paul Pogba Fashion

Paul Pogba

Pogba’s appearance was no less flamboyant than his colleagues on the gridiron. He likes wearing expensive hip-hop-style clothes. A touch of sparkling color is his trademark, whether it’s from metal accessories, bags, blazers, or the shirts he wears.

Her favorite luxury clothing brand is Balmain. In addition, he also likes to wear collections from Givenchy and Balenciaga.

Pogba has partnered with sportswear Adidas. They have already issued a capsule collection of Adidas x Pogba.

David Beckham Fashion

David Beckham

Despite his long retirement from football, Beckham’s fame doesn’t seem to have faded. His name is still listed on GQ’s list of the best-dressed men in 2015. Beckham is said to be the first celebrity to hold metrosexual status and was considered an icon in both fashion and hairstyle in the early 2000s.

Thanks to his popularity in the fashion world, Beckham and his wife have become the most sought-after celebrities by designers, cosmetic manufacturers, sportswear brands, medical devices, travel companies, and magazines. He has made hundreds of millions of dollars from contracts with top brands.

That’s a row of football athletes with the most fashionable sense of dress. Who do you think is the coolest among them?

Why is Hermes Bag Expensive?

Why is Hermes Bag Expensive?

Of course, you already know that the price of a Hermes bag is exorbitant, right? It seems only the super-rich want to buy a bag from this French brand. A number of top Indonesian artists are known to have a collection of Hermes bags. A number of state officials are also seen carrying bags worth hundreds of millions and even billions of these.

Among the wealthy socialites, Hermes bags are indeed selling well. For them, buying a Hermes bag might not be a difficult matter, huh. Because it was so popular, the family that founded Hermes could have a wealth of Rp. 718 trillion, you know. Really big, right? But if you want to buy a Hermes bag, you have to spend a huge pocket. You can get a lot of money if you have a job that gives you significant money, one of them is like playing online gambling. You can get a lot of money through your winnings. Online betting is not detrimental, let alone a huge jackpot. Big agen sbobet company like Yukbola, would give you a huge sum of money if you win in their site. You can use the money to buy some Hermes bags for your own collection.

Why is Hermes Bag Expensive?

Despite the success of Hermes, you might be wondering, why does this bag sell so well even though it’s so expensive? Are there really a lot of rich people? Before answering that question, maybe we need to look at how the history of Hermes came to be what it is today.

So the Hermes brand was first released in the 19th century (1837) by Thierry Hermes, who was of German-French descent who decided to settle in France in 1828. At that time, Hermes did not make bag products but equestrian equipment such as saddles. Since appearing, Hermes has indeed targeted the upper class, namely the aristocrats, because, at that time, the aristocrats were very fond of horse riding.

In 1880, the business was then continued by Thierry’s son, Charles-Emile. Hermes horse saddles began to be sold outside France from North Africa, Russia, Asia, to America in the hands of the child.

In 1918, the company was led by the third generation of this family, Adolphe, and Emile-Meurice. And in their hands, Hermes finally started producing clothes and other accessories.

One of the most historical moments was the first zippered golf jacket that Prince Edward wore. And since then, Hermes seems to be getting more and more famous and moving on. A number of relatives from the Hermes family also joined to develop the family business.

And in 1922, the first Hermes bag was launched thanks to the idea of ​​Emile-Maurice. All of that was inspired by their own needs. He started by making a handbag for himself.

At this time, Hermes finally focused on the clothing business and opened their first shop in the United States.

After Emile-Maurice’s death in 1951, Robert Dumas, one of the sons-in-law of the Hermes family, was appointed to head the company. Dumas changed his name to Robert Dumas-Hermes.

In Dumas’ hands, Hermes underwent a number of changes, including changing the Hermes logo into a horse saddle. Bag products, jewelry, and accessories are getting more and more focused. Of course, this is for rich people.

Why is Hermes Bag Expensive?

In 1956, the American actress Grace Kelly helped popularize this bag. When she married Prince Rainier III of Monaco, Grace was photographed carrying a Hermes Sac a Depeche bag.

The bag was also called the Kelly bag and became popular when Grace Kelly died. Until now, this form of bag is the most popular and liked by many people.

In 1990, this company underwent serious development, especially because its tableware was made of porcelain and crystal.

Despite this development, Hermes has not changed its market share. They still target the upper class with their quality products.

In 1993, Hermes officially took the floor on the stock exchange. They offered 425 thousand shares at a price of US $ 55 per share. However, it was reported that the Hermes family still controlled 80 percent of the company’s shares.

His decision to make an IPO at that time was also aimed at easing tensions between the Hermes family over share ownership. And it was at that time, this French family entered the ranks of the richest families in the world, according to the famous economic magazine Forbes.

Their product is also clearly developing. They started producing perfumes and working with famous designers.

In 2013 the company was held by Axel Dumas, who is the nephew of Jean Louise Dumas. Axel Dumas only joined Hermes in 2003 in the audit division.

So you could say that currently, Hermes is led by the sixth generation of Thierry Hermes descendants.

In this era of Axel Dumas’ leadership, Hermes was seen actively collaborating with other brands.

Wow, the history of Hermes is also long. No wonder the price can be so high.

The History Behind Chanel No.5, A 100 Years Old Perfume

The History Behind Chanel No.5, A 100 Years Old Perfume

Ladies, do you know that there is one perfume that is most popular in the world of fragrance to date? The perfume comes from the French fashion house Chanel, under the name No. 5. Even so, favored by all people from various parts of the world, this perfume has been continuously produced until now it’s 100 years old.

For a perfume, this is a rare thing. The reason is, Chanel No. 5 has undergone many travel evolutions like humans. The journey of this perfume is packaged in a short video released by Chanel about the beginning of its presence to become a symbol of female femininity. What’s the full story look like? The following is the review.

The History Behind Chanel No.5, A 100 Years Old Perfume

  1. First appeared in 1921

Chanel No. 5 was first released in 1921 ago. Chanel founder, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, created this perfume together with a French perfume named Ernest Beaux. Chanel describes this perfume as a modern flower bouquet with a fragrance of rose, ylang-ylang, and jasmine that creates a feminine yet characteristic scent.

“Since the early 1920s, Gabrielle Chanel has changed people’s view of fashion by presenting a perfume. The first perfume presented has a simple but very revolutionary design. Chanel No. 5 is the first perfume aimed at women from a woman, “said Chanel in his official statement, as quoted by ELLE.

  1. The meaning behind the name ‘No.5’

Maybe some of you are wondering why Chanel named this perfume with the name ‘No.5’. Apparently, this name was taken from the list of perfume samples that Ernest Beaux gave Coco Chanel. Of the many samples given, Coco chose sample number five to produce perfume. Thus, the perfume became known as Chanel No. 5 until now. In addition, five is rumored to be Coco Chanel’s favorite number which is considered to bring good luck.

  1. Marilyn Monroe’s favorite perfume
    The History Behind Chanel No.5, A 100 Years Old Perfume

Chanel No. 5 gained popularity since it was worn by the late actress Marilyn Monroe. At that time, Monroe admitted that she always wore the perfume every night and sprayed it before bed.

  1. Popular with the US Army as a souvenir after serving in France in World War II

This perfume became a popular souvenir among American soldiers while serving in France during World War II. The design is chic, feminine, and iconic, making it the right gift for your partner or loved one.

  1. The first perfume to be a work of art

Due to its worldwide popularity, Chanel No. 5 is known to be the first artwork to enter The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York. Artist Andy Warhol who is known for his pop artworks painted this perfume in a contemporary style. Unexpectedly, his work was selected to be displayed at MOMA.

Christian Dior, Aristocrat's Favourite Revolutionary Designer

Christian Dior, Aristocrat’s Favourite Revolutionary Designer

During his time in power, Adolf Hitler turned out to be ambitious to dominate the realm of women’s fashion. In 1940 he sent five Nazi officials to Paris to meet Lucien Lelong, president of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture or the Paris couture design trade association. The organization, which was formed in 1868, serves to accommodate couture entrepreneurs and to ensure the continuity of their business in Paris.

In June 2016 the Telegraph reported that Hitler’s envoy asked Lelong to submit an archive of the designs of the association’s members and records on the export activities of the designers’ fashion. In addition, Hitler wanted to move the activities of the couture fashion association to Berlin so that Paris would no longer be the world’s only fashion center.

The predicate of Paris as a fashion city emerged during the leadership of Louis XIV. Prior to that, the place known as the fashion country was Spain. Parisians used to import fabrics from the country. Louis XIV did not accept it. He wants Paris to be the center of everything including luxury fashion. Because of that, he made regulations that made the French people want to enter the realm of the sewing business. And Louis XIV ensures that the entire high-fashion fashion production chain can be centered in Paris. No more imports of fabrics or clothes from other countries.

Christian Dior, Aristocrat's Favourite Revolutionary Designer

Atlantic reports that Louis XIV also regulates how quickly fashion trends must change. This will become the race for designers to issue the latest fashion collections at every change of season (a principle that applies in the world of fashion to this day). The rules created by Louis XIV proved to be effective. Paris was able to replace Spain. The fashion industry at that time was even able to become one of the motors driving the economy of the city of Paris.

Lelong, of course not accept. He came to Berlin and told a number of Nazi officials that the fashion production process would not run smoothly if the workers, tailors and designers moved from their place of origin. German officials obeyed Lelong’s words. Paris during World War II remained a fashion city, employing 25,000 female tailors who focused on embroidery or beading.

Most of them were Jewish. DIOR by Christian Dior Four years after that incident, namely in 1944, still during World War II, Lelong still wanted to show the world that Paris is a fashion city. Another hope is that he can get more profit through selling fashion goods. Christian Dior, Lelong’s staff, was the one who helped him at the time.

Dior began working with Lelong in 1942 and was tasked with designing clothes for clients, mostly wives of Nazi officials. For Dior, drawing is not difficult. His hobby is sketching and owned an art gallery in the 1920s. The art gallery is a gift from his father, a wealthy businessman from Normandy, France. Dior’s life changes when his father’s business goes bankrupt and a war begins.

Working in the realm of fashion is also considered to be the right way to make money. Dior’s determination to establish his own fashion label emerged when he saw the success of the Lelong project in 1944-1945. At that time Lelong invited designer association members such as Pierre Balmain, Jean Patou and Elsa Schiaparelli to make clothes for 170 dolls. The dolls were then exhibited at the Louvre Museum and managed to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors and generate millions of francs in revenue. Then similar exhibitions were also held in other cities such as Barcelona, ​​London, Copenhagen and San Francisco.

In 1946 Dior opened the DIOR fashion house with the principle of removing the grip on women’s clothing during the war. According to an Independent report published on February 11, 1997, Dior was fed up with wartime women’s clothing designs which he thought were not feminine. A woman in style with a short straight cut skirt and a masculine cut jacket

Men in the Fashion World Dior created the New Look collection in which he created women’s clothing such as jackets that form the silhouette of the user’s hips, skirts that exceed the knees, shoulders with wedge, and round collars. He does not hesitate to design clothes that “can stand on their own without a rebuttal” because they are made of thick, tulle, and wide fabrics.

Through his design, Dior seems to want to “take revenge” for all the limitations that must be overcome in times of war. The times when he had difficulty getting cloth and had to work in conditions that were not conducive because of limited electricity, water and food. When the war was over, he wanted to satisfy clients even more by designing extravagant outfits. Moreover, the couture clients at that time were the French elite and celebrities. Dior’s dress, which was seen as revolutionary, won praise from fashion journalists in Paris. In no time, Dior’s designs were trending among Parisian women.

Tracing took place. But it didn’t have much of an effect on Dior. His name has soared, even outside Paris. In a manuscript published in April 2012, Vogue reports that Dior was once called the British royal family because Princess Margaret liked the design. On the American continent, Dior’s loyal fan is Evita Peron. “Evita Peron is the only queen I’ve ever dressed,” said Dior as quoted by the CR Fashion Book. The former Argentine first lady often attended state events in a wide gown studded with sparkling beads.

Dior dressed her like a queen. In less than five years, Dior was able to expand into the US and become the socialite idol in that country. Christian Dior Feminist and Feminist Dior Mosaic Infographics can only lead DIOR in 10 years. On October 24, 1957, today 62 years ago, he died of a heart attack. His fashion house business continues.

Christian Dior, Aristocrat's Favourite Revolutionary Designer

The first person to replace Dior as fashion designer was Yves Saint Laurent. At that time he was the youngest creative director in the history of European couture fashion. Since then, whether on purpose or not, Dior seems to be a couture label that always chooses creative directors with certain characters that attract attention. Another example is John Galiano. The man served as DIOR’s creative director in 1997, a time when DIOR felt the high-fashion scene needed to touch younger consumers.

In Galiano’s hands, DIOR does not always appear as a fashion label that presents wide, elegant dresses. Galiano made DIOR even bolder by presenting mini and tight clothes. DIOR is impressed as a label that is also provocative. Still, the public likes it and the company continues to make a profit.

Then in 2016 Maria Grazia Chiuri was appointed as the first woman to become the creative director of DIOR. It brings new principles and transforms femininity into feminism that is channeled in fashion. Chiuri was present when the Me Too movement was spreading in the US and Europe. She, who often claims to be a feminist, took advantage of this moment and brought it into the realm of fashion. Chiuri’s first collection was filled with several T-shirts with the words “the future is female”, “we all should be feminist”, and “global sisterhood”.

This action made Chiuri even more celebrated in the realm of fashion. So far, fashion designers who act as activists can be counted on the fingers, among them Vivienne Westwood and Katharine Hamnett. Chiuri always said that she wanted to always preserve the history and identity of DIOR. According to him, at this time, this identity deserves to be applied as support for the role of women, not just an act of rebelling against the rules through fashion styles like the 1940s. One identity that doesn’t fade is Bar Suit.

The iconic outfit in the form of a jacket and skirt suit created by Dior in 1947. Bar Suit continues to be reproduced to this day — the shape is of course adapted to the tastes and design characteristics of each creative director. These clothes remain the most sought-after and most praised clothing. Bar Suit is Dior’s first form of imagination about how women should style after being constrained by wartime. Bar Suit is Dior.

Chanel Couple From South Korea, G-Dragon and Jennie

Chanel Couple From South Korea, G-Dragon and Jennie

Shocking news came from two mainstay idols of YG Entertainment, BigBang’s G-Dragon and Blackpink’s Jennie. The two of them are rumored to have been in a special relationship over the past year. Dispatch Korea revealed this news through its official Instagram account.

Quoting Soompi, Dispatch revealed that they had witnessed G-Dragon and Jennie meeting secretly. The two of them are said to often date in G-Dragon’s luxury apartment.

After the news circulated, not a few fans immediately dubbed them the Chanel Couple. Yes, the nickname was made because they both have the same love for Chanel. In addition, the two of them have also been widely recognized as global ambassadors for Chanel in recent years.

Quoting the South China Morning Post, G-Dragon has been a global ambassador for Chanel since 2016. Meanwhile, Jennie became a global ambassador for Chanel in 2018. Since then, Jennie has been nicknamed ‘Human Chanel’ because she is often seen wearing clothes and accessories from Chanel, both on stage and at various fashion shows held by Chanel.

Then, what is the portrait of their stylish style when wearing Chanel clothes?

Jennie Blackpink and G-Dragon’s style at the Chanel S / S 2020 Runway event

Chanel Couple From South Korea, G-Dragon and Jennie

In this photo, G-Dragon looks chic in his latest collection from Chanel. The real name Kwon Ji Yong owner wore a flagship tweed jacket filled with the Chanel logo pin. Paired with ripped jeans, the idol then gave a twist to the socks that were deliberately selected in red to highlight the entire outfit.

Meanwhile, Jennie Blackpink chose to look different for the Chanel Spring-Summer 2021 Show. The woman born in 1996 wore a long-sleeved blue mini dress. Her aura is also more radiant, thanks to the bold nuances of makeup.

Jennie Blackpink and G-Dragon’s style when wearing the same Chanel jacket

Chanel Couple From South Korea, G-Dragon and Jennie

Jennie Blackpink and G-Dragon have been seen wearing the same Chanel jacket model. Jennie wore the Chanel jacket while attending the “Mademoiselle Prive” exhibition in Seoul, South Korea, in June 2017. Meanwhile, G-Dragon wore the white jacket for the Elle magazine photoshoot.

In the scattered photos, Jennie is seen wearing a Chanel jacket as a chic mini dress. He then paired his jacket with a gold belt, heels, and around black Chanel clutch.

Unlike Jennie Blackpink, G-Dragon combined the Chanel jacket with blue pants, sneakers, and a choker necklace. He also left the jacket open so that part of his chest was quite clear.

Jennie Blackpink and G-Dragon’s style when attending a Chanel fashion show

Chanel Couple From South Korea, G-Dragon and Jennie

Jennie was seen wearing a light blue blazer and pants while attending the Chanel Spring Summer event at Paris Fashion Week 2019. Jennie then combined her style with a mini flip bag with a similar motif and black heels.

Meanwhile, while attending the Chanel Couture Spring / Summer 2020 Haute Couture Show, G-Dragon appeared wearing a lavender wool jacket with various embellishments in the form of brooches and patches with the Chanel logo. He combined the jacket with a navy shirt and chinos.

12 Interesting Facts About Designer Coco Chanel

12 Interesting Facts About Designer Coco Chanel

“A girl should be two things: Classy and fabulous.” – Coco Chanel

The above phrase is perhaps the most famous phrase ever conveyed by the late iconic designer Coco Chanel. The designer who was born in 1883 became one of the ‘movers’ and breakers of the fashion world at that time.

Chanel’s career in fashion began when she opened a hat specialty boutique in 1909. Her hat designs were so popular that she finally released other women’s clothing and accessories.

Her work was so big for the French fashion world, especially when she introduced comfortable and practical clothes for women to wear. Her name is becoming increasingly popular because of many top French celebrities like her designs.

Now, Chanel is one of the iconic Paris brands that have a variety of iconic clothes, bags, and perfumes that are very closely related to the image of luxury.

Are you intrigued by the figure of the founder of the top brand Chanel? Check out 12 other interesting facts from Coco Chanel below.

12 Interesting Facts About Designer Coco Chanel

  1. The name Coco Chanel is not her real name. On her birth certificate, she was born Gabrielle Chasnel. The name ‘Coco’ is the nickname of the audience when she is actively working as a singer at a cafe. At that time, she often sang Qui qu’a vu Coco dans l’Trocadéro. Meanwhile, Chasnel is a name written because of a spelling error. Even though it was written as Chasnel, she still introduced herself as Gabrielle Chanel.
  2. During her lifetime, Coco Chanel was indeed a successful, wealthy, and famous person. However, in fact, she grew up in a barely-sufficient family. Her mother died when she was 12 years old. After her mother’s death, her father left her and her siblings, never to return.
  3. Coco Chanel was accommodated in an orphanage. There, she was taught to sew and knit. A major capital that led her to become a famous fashion businesswoman and designer.
  4. She started her career in fashion, selling hats she designed. With the help of a man who liked her, Chanel opened her first shop in 1913 in Paris. The shop grew in popularity, and she decided to sell clothes.
  5. In 1920, Coco Chanel introduced the ‘Little Black Dress’ to the world of fashion. A simple black dress that is iconic until now. For some people, the Little Black Dress may be better known for the Givenchy dress that Audrey Hepburn wore in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. But in fact, this black dress has been present many years before, which was popularized by Coco Chanel. The black dress designed by Chanel was very simple in midi size with long sleeves. In 1926, Vogue released a sketch of the dress and called it the ‘uniform’ for the modern woman of the future. So you could say Chanel popularized the color black in the world of fashion. Previously, black was synonymous with mourning clothes.
  6. In 1921, Chanel released its first perfume product, which she named Chanel No. 5. The number five is not an ordinary number for Chanel. She liked the number because a fortune teller said the number five was Chanel’s lucky number.
    12 Interesting Facts About Designer Coco Chanel
  7. The hat became a ‘signature look’ for Coco Chanel. A photographer named Douglas Kirkland revealed that Chanel always wore a hat when she spent three weeks documenting the designer.
  8. The Chanel fashion house iconic logo with the letter ‘C’ linked is the design of Coco Chanel herself. The logo was introduced for the first time in his new perfume product and has not changed until recently.
  9. Chanel popularized the use of pants for women. In the 1950s, it was not uncommon for women to wear pants. However, Coco Chanel broke this stigma, citing convenience. Not only pants, but she also designs practical and comfortable women’s clothes. She was freeing French women at that time who always had to wear a corset in clothes.
  10. Coco Chanel is famous for having many special relationships with famous men. However, she never married until the end of her life. Famous men who are said to have filled Chanel’s life are artist Pablo Picasso, Duke of Westminster, grandson of the leader of the Russian Empire (Tsarist Russia), to composer Igor Stravinsky.
  11. Chanel lived in hotels for 30 years. The hotel is called the Hotel Ritz, which is located at Place Vendome, Paris. The suite was also the place where Chanel died in 1971 at the age of 71. Now, the hotel has named the suite with the name Coco Chanel suite.
  12. Coco Chanel was once suspected of being a Nazi spy agent during World War II. Reportedly, she once had a special relationship with a Nazi soldier named Hans Gunther von Dincklage, who was Hitler’s, right-hand man. After the war, Chanel moved to Switzerland for a few years and returned to Paris in 1954 to reopen its fashion outlets.
12 Facts of Louis Vuitton

12 Facts of Louis Vuitton

Luxurious, timeless, and delicate.

These three words might be the right description to describe Louis Vuitton’s top fashion brand. The popularity of its name, its distinctive monogram, and its iconic shapes make it guaranteed that anyone will ‘memorize’ and be familiar with the appearance of Louis Vuitton products.

The brand name is taken from the name of the founder named Louis Vuitton, who was born in 1821. After a long career in craftmanship in France, he finally founded the Louis Vuitton box and luggage company in 1854.

Louis Vuitton’s popularity due to its craftsmanship and product qualities has made many companies copy their designs and characteristics. Finally, in 1896, the Louis Vuitton monogram pattern was introduced. This pattern is so iconic that it has been embedded for 123 years in Louis Vuitton designs.

How could it not be, the monogram which consists of the letters L and V which are interlocked, a flower pattern with four petals, and an organic trefoil style pattern, inspired by the combination of Japanese style and oriental designs in the Victorian era, this is often a symbol of ‘class’ in social circles.

This brand, which has been established in 1854, has witnessed the development of world fashion.

12 Facts of Louis Vuitton

Here, Psasupply summarizes 12 other unique and interesting facts from top Louis Vuitton brands.

  1. Before being famous for the brand he created, Louis Vuitton was a man who came from a middle to lower working-class family. He left his family home at the age of 13 to pursue his big dream of Paris.
  2. He traveled 292 miles or 470 km from his family home located in the eastern region of France to Paris by walking for two years. He made the long journey with regular stops to do odd jobs. This is the way he should do to support his needs and personal life.
  3. Arriving in Paris in 1837, Louis Vuitton found work in a workshop to make boxes and packaging. Many people recognize his shrewdness. His reputation increased, and his name was increasingly recognized as an honorable craftsman. Because of these skills, he was appointed as a special staff who made boxes (suitcases) for the needs of Eugenie de Montijo, who was the wife of Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France from 1804 to 1814. This moment became his main ‘door’ to join with France’s elite classes.
  4. His career journey allowed him to establish his own company in 1854. Although the Louis Vuitton company had been around since 1854 as a travel box and luggage company, he only started making tote bags in 1892.
  5. One of the most popular Louis Vuitton bags with the name ‘Speedy’ was originally created for travel boxes or luggage. However, one day Audrey Hepburn, a film star as well as a fashion icon, called Louis Vuitton and asked to make a mini version of the Speedy. Suddenly, the popularity of this Speedy bag peaked and became the most popular Louis Vuitton bag model to date.
  6. Apart from Speedy, the ‘Alma’ bag is another popular Louis Vuitton bag. This bag was actually specially designed at Coco Chanel’s personal request. This chic, beautiful, and feminine form is loved by every woman today. Uniquely, this Alma-style Louis Vuitton bag is the only bag Coco Chanel has ever carried, apart from her own brand.
    12 Facts of Louis Vuitton
  7. Did you know that the quality check process of Louis Vuitton bags is a very long process? Before being sold, Louis Vuitton bags have to undergo endurance tests such as being loaded with an object weighing 3.5 kg and being dropped from a height of half a meter for four consecutive days. It didn’t stop there; the zipper from the bag had to be continuously opened and closed 5,000 times to ensure its durability. Wow!
  8. This one fact may be painful for some of you. All unsold Louis Vuitton bags and shoes will be returned to the factory in France, where they are destroyed and burned. It hurts, right? Yes, this must be done to ensure the Louis Vuitton brand image remains exclusive.
  9. Louis Vuitton will never give discount prices on the goods they produce. Like the previous point, if the goods are not sold, then a discount is not a solution.
  10. All Louis Vuitton bags are handmade – or purely handcrafted. Reportedly, it takes one week to make one bag.
  11. The popular Louis Vuitton monogram was popularized by Louis Vuitton’s son Georges Vuitton. The monogram was created to avoid all forms of plagiarism from other companies against the Louis Vuitton brand.
  12. Louis Vuitton has about 460 stores in 50 countries. The largest shop is located at 101 avenue des Champs-Elysees, Paris, France, with an area of ​​about 1800 square meters. Then, in Nevada, United States, Louis Vuitton has five official boutiques along the same street. And the most unique is located in Singapore, which is now part of the iconic Marina Bay Sands area. The shop has a bookstore, a relaxation area, a gallery, and an underwater tunnel that leads to the hotel and Marina Bay Sands mall.
Formal and Stylish Outerwear for Online Meetings

Formal and Stylish Outerwear for Online Meetings

Check out the latest outerwear designs by renowned fashion houses that you can wear for a week.

To be able to maximize performance while running work from home, wearing work clothes is one of the key supporters. There are policies of several companies that require each person to attend meetings via online every day; the use of formal but fashionable outerwear can support your appearance—the following unified inspiration with ten kinds of outerwear that you can wear for the next week.

Cheerful Monday
# Cheerful Monday

Monday has arrived, it’s time for you to wear clothes with a bright hue to add energy. Also, you can choose outerwear with jacquard material that can give the effect of sparkle on display. Pair with a white shirt and tie to get maximum performance.

If the jacquard material is not in the wardrobe, you can also play hit and wana on three copies of clothing, namely blazers, vests, and shirts. Choose woolen outerwear with a zigzag herringbone accent to support the style.

Minimalist on Tuesday

# Minimalist on Tuesday

A variety of work with short deadlines began to arrive. On Tuesday, you wear minimalist nuanced clothing. Choose outerwear with cashmere material that has overlapping accent pieces as the center of attention from today’s display.

Or you can also use a cape with a hanging accent on the back as an alternative. The existence of large button ornaments found on the front also gives a fashion statement.

Fresh Wednesday

# Fresh Wednesday

Entering the middle of the week, you need to improve your mood by using bold clothing. No need to wear a suit like Monday, you can choose casual outerwear with a belt to produce a fashionable look.

But if you like the sophisticated style of dress, wear loose-sized outerwear with a firm shoulder cut as the solution. Present in an asymmetrical design, this blazer also offers a futuristic style.

Cozy Thursday

# Cozy Thursday

Wearing casual but formal clothing on a day full of deadlines is the right choice. Try matching and matching cardigan with the shirt in matching tone to give a modern yet comfortable charm while working.

If your mood wants a feminine outfit on that day, choose a black dress as a combination of the pastel-colored cardigan. The look will look more charming if you can add feather accents on the cardigan sleeves.

Thank God It’s Friday

# Thank God It’s Friday

Finally, Friday came, it is undeniable that various invitations to party online began to appear. For that, you need to use outerwear with a waist cut as an action dress. Combine it with a white shirt, Bermuda pants, and a necklace to get a stunning look all day long.

But if you want to look unique on Fridays, try a coat that has a piece that connects with a scarf like the output from this Dior fashion house. Can be worn into various styles, this product is worth to be added to the wishlist.

Review the Inspiration Behind the Dior Collection for 2020

This creation has little to do with the legacy of decorative traditions.

Maria Grazia Chiuri as the designer of the Dior fashion house got her inspiration for designing the Spring / Summer 2020 collection from several archives of Catherine Dior’s photo. A woman who fosters freedom, independence, and has a deep love for the flowers in her family’s garden, has made Catherine an essential protagonist in Dior’s history. To honor him, the first release perfume from the iconic Dior fashion house was named “Miss Dior.”

The photos also remind designers of the founders of fashion houses. In addition to being a fashion designer, Christian is also a gallerist, architectural aspirant, and has a gardening hobby. Throughout Christian careers, the aesthetic beauty of flowers has often been his main inspiration when designing many clothes. Some of the iconic flower-themed collections include various print motifs with various kinds of blooming flowers appearing to decorate spring dresses in 1949, and spring dresses titled “Japanese Garden” in 1953, summer dresses with the headline “Rose France” in 1956, and a spring dress named “Roseraie” in 1957.

Looking back that the beauty of the park and nature carved a lot of history in the journey of the Dior fashion house, Maria decided to make the latest creation with the theme “Inclusive Garden.” The collection will be present in the brand-new spirit through a game of motifs and embroidery that has the texture of raffia or sparkle. A variety of silhouettes and detailed creations of the richness of plant species will also color various 2020 spring/summer clothing and accessories in contemporary packaging. “It seems important to me to handle this heritage with a new perspective: flowers and plants do not only exist as cosmetic goals; they are our environment. We commit to caring for them, starting today and more than ever before,” said Maria.

To be presented in the right nuance, Maria collaborated with Coloco, who is an artist in a workshop to produce a contemporary landscape with the theme of collective art of gardening cultivation. The artist succeeded in compiling a series of decorations by depicting forests rich in plant species diversity, appearing as a symbol indicating that everyone can contribute to the cultivation and preservation of natural beauty for the common future.

The fashion show was successfully carried out according to the plan envisioned by Maria, namely several female gardeners with unique characters who care about environmental sustainability. “I started this collection by thinking about the main inspiration for Christian Dior, the garden, which was grown and maintained by Catherine Dior as a professional flower designer,” explained the Creative Director.

Here are five solid matching accessories from the spring/summer 2020 Dior collection that you should put on your wishlist:

Power of Jewelry

# Power of Jewelry

Some of the above fashion jewelry is a product that you need to have this season. These accessories are very easy to mix and match and can make the appearance more extra visible.

It's Gardening Time

# It’s Gardening Time

If you have an agenda for gardening, a solid match with the above accessories can support a fashionable look throughout the day.

Just Chill Out

# Just Chill Out

Using sneakers and clutches and sunglasses is the right choice if you want to take a leisurely walk around the city.

Romance is In The Air

# Romance is In The Air

The collection of accessories in this romantic hue comes in a graceful look that is very suitable to be worn by lovers of feminine dress styles.

Party is Coming

# Party is Coming

If you get an invitation to the party, the matching accessories above can be the perfect solution to look stunning.

10 Most Popular Designer Products in the World

10 Most Popular Designer Products in the World

Four times a year, the fashion search engine Lyst collects the most popular designer brands and products by analyzing its search and social data.

To compile the results, the company analyzed the online shopping behavior of more than five million shoppers, who searched, searched, and bought clothing at 12,000 designers and online stores. The formula behind the Index takes into account Lyst and Google’s global search data, conversion rates, and sales, and mentions on social media brands and products as well as involvement in statistics around the world over three months.

Here are 10 of the most coveted products in 2019.

Gucci logo belt

# Gucci logo belt

Love for belts bearing the Gucci logo shows no signs of slowing down. This iconic accessory is now ranked fourth in the quarter.

Belts, 320 lbs, Gucci on Net-a-Porter

Prada stud-embellished headband

# Prada stud-embellished headband

Next up is Prada’s stud-embellished bandana. This item is responsible for a 300 percent increase in product search in just two months. These accessories give birth to a variety of copycat designs at lower prices and can be held responsible for more general trends for bouji hair accessories.

Bandana, £ 405, Prada in Matches Fashion

Jacquemus Le Chiquito bag

# Jacquemus Le Chiquito bag

The Le Chiquito Jacquemus bag increased the social brand by 1,831 percent and triggered thousands of searches on Lyst. Many small totes in various colors quickly sell out at online retailers in a matter of weeks.

Bag, £ 360, Jacquemus at Browns

Sandy Liang shearling jacket

# Sandy Liang shearling jacket

Sandy Liang’s shearling jacket is one of the two products that are not accessories with animal-print trims. With interesting works inspired by New York, this brand is quickly becoming a sensation, and its relatively affordable price certainly helps drive sales.

Jacket, £ 327.51, Sandy Liang at Shopbop

Gucci logo belt

# Gucci Ace sneakers

Gucci Ace Sneakers remain in the number 10 most sought after product since last year, making it the second most popular shoe trainers in 2019.

Trainers, £ 445, Gucci at Net-a-Porter

Chloé Sawyer slides

# Chloé Sawyer slides

Chloé Sawyer’s sandals have seen a 273 percent increase in searches since January. This item might end up being the most popular summer sandal.

Sandal, £ 248, Chloé at Farfetch

Nike Pro hijab

# Nike Pro hijab

While the search for headscarves has been steadily increasing since it was released last year, demand has risen 125 percent in the Lyst quarter after French retailer Decathlon canceled plans to sell sports headscarves after threats and complaints. This news encourages the mention of Nike’s social brand by 4,900 percent.

Hijab, £ 24.95, Nike

Fendi baguette bag

# Fendi baguette bag

A product that was as popular as it used to be was Fendi’s baguette bag, which was present as the second most popular tote bag and the sixth most popular product in the quarter this year.

Bag, £ 1,890, Fendi

Alexander McQueen oversized sole sneakers

# Alexander McQueen oversized sole sneakers

Currently being sought every two minutes at Lyst, oversized sole sneakers by Alexander McQueen are the most popular item in the quarter, thanks in part to people like and Alicia Vikander and Jennifer Lopez. They are both seen wearing these shoes.

Trainers, £ 360, Alexander McQueen at Farfetch

Proenza Schouler tie-dye turtleneck

# Proenza Schouler tie-dye turtleneck

The Proenza Schouler tie-dye turtleneck has seen a 54 percent increase in Lyst search and more than 32,000 mentions on social. This product presents a big trend for tie-dye that is seen throughout the SS19 collection.

Boss, £ 284, Proenza Schouler

Recommendations for The Best Chino Pants 2019

Chino pants are one type of pants that are not worn by all men. These chino pants are created from the basic material in the form of twill fabric.

These chino pants were initially pants that were used for military needs, but after the post-war period, not a few of this military personnel used these pants for daily activities.

If in the past this chino were made from synthetic materials, now along with the growth of the era these chino pants began to be created from synthetic materials and mixed cotton. Chino pants usually have a strict form that is matched with the shape of a man’s foot. Chino also usually has a design with two pockets in the rear element and two pockets or pockets that are on the right and left side.

The shape is almost similar to jeans, but the chino has no coin pocket on the side like jeans. These chino pants are very suitable for use and use in everyday work and even in official work.

For those of you who are digging up recommendations regarding the excellent brand of chino and also having a contemporary model, as follows, I will give you not much information about the brand or brand of the cool chino pants. Please listen carefully.

3 Second

This original Indonesian brand has indeed been famous for its reasonably good quality and not inferior to foreign bands. 3 Seconds also produce male chino with many models, including the most unline regular fit models and mid-rise models so that they are suitable to support your appearance.

And there are also models of off white colored chinos with a slim fit design. All of the chinos created by these 3 Seconds use the highest quality cotton.


This Contempo brand produces men’s chino with a variety of model options. That is like long chino pants that have a regular fit with light brown. These pants are created using durative cotton and are not easy to wear off.

Then there are the long khaki pants that are created in a regular fit model that is very suitable for casual to a formal look.


Brand Volcom also produces men’s chino with the best quality and the most trendy design. One of the familiar chino models from this brand is chino with a mid rise regular fit model with black and hide brown colors. Everything is made from quality cotton.


This brand also produces men’s chinos of high-quality cotton. One of the familiar models of chino pants is the slim fit mid rise model with navy blue which is equipped with belt loops and pockets or pockets on the back and sides.

Emba Casual

The chino made by the brand Emba Casual does have the most casual format or model. One of the chinos made by Emba Casual has a black color with a regular fit and mid-rise model that you can choose to suit your taste.

The quality of Emba Casual’s chino products does not need any doubt, because all the products created by Emba Casual are produced from quality materials and have also passed the QC process.

Lois Jeans

Spanish fashion brands that also produce men’s chino are Lois Jeans. One of the models of chino made by the brand Lois Jeans is a basic long chino that appears in beige and a slim fit model and a mid-rise design to the point that it will bring a casual impression but still unique and still looks cool for use.

There are also different color choices that are like gray colors that are very suitable for use in formal events or even for semi-formal events. Chino Celan made by Lois Jeans is made from quality cotton that can last long.


Zara is one of the Spanish fashion brands. Zara also produced many models of men’s chino pants. The chino made by Zara is created from the most powerful and quality cotton.

Zara’s chino pants are equipped with four pockets or a pocket like a chino in general, and there is also a zipper on the front element. One of the best-selling chinos produced by Zara in the market is a long blue navy colored chino that has the most straight, straight fit model. And even the preloved long chino that appears in light gray is quite impressive.


This American brand does produce as many fashion products, specifically for children with sporty models. No exception with men’s chinos. One of the chino models is a slim fit and mid-rise model with solid brindle colors. Made from high-quality cotton to the point that it is not easy to wear off and lasts longer.

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Recognize Types of Jeans According to Your Body Shape

Do not let one wear a model of jeans that does not match the format of your body, here we review it in full.

Who doesn’t like jeans? Denim pants that are easy to mix and match and are the most comfortable to wear have become support pants for each person. The clever use of jeans can even make quite a few people have just a few items. Therefore, you also have to be careful in choosing jeans that will be an essential item in your closet. Choosing jeans is like choosing online poker games. Find the one that fits you well and have a good style on you. This kind of choosing methods also work when you choose games from the trusted online casino sites. Find one game that suits your play style, learn it well and win some cash.

The number of types of jeans that are circulating everywhere, creating you must recognize the format of our body first before having one of them. Check out the discussion of the Bazaar about the technique of adjusting denim pants that will wrap our body format perfectly.

# Jeggings

Jeggings are a pair of denim jeans that are similar to leggings. The stretch material is the most comfortable to wear every day, especially for those of you who are pregnant. The pieces like leggings create these pants do not have zipper or buttons. Due to the strict format like skinny jeans, for your pear-shaped and curvy body type, choose the color of the denim with a darker shade for slimming effects.

# High Rise Slim Jeans

This model of jeans can be an option for your body type curvy owners who want to wear a model that has similarity to skinny jeans. The high rise slim jeans model has a line that can be adjusted with the curvy hip body. In addition to the owner of a curvy body, this one model is right for giving up the impression of indentation for the hourglass body type owner.

# Low Rise Jeans

The model of low rise jeans is a model of jeans that will hold right on the element of your waist. The bottom of the pants has a silhouette that follows the format of the wearer’s feet so that creating these pants will wrap your legs with the right level. The owner of an hourglass or petite body can wear this one model right at the same time you can wear to show off the curves of the body the results of your exercise around this.

# Flared Jeans

These one jeans is a must have item for those of you who like to adopt the style of the ’90s. The shape is similar to jeans, and the boot cut model has a difference in the bottom element, the silhouette that extends to the side. These pants are the most appropriate for us who have tall bodies or pear-shaped and round body types. Unfortunately, for those of you who have a petite body try to avoid this one model jeans and choose skinny pants that can wrap our feet properly.

# Straight Leg Jeans

Straight leg silhouette jeans have a straight line that is not too tight in the elements of the leg, to the extent that it does not show off the wearer’s curves. Models that are one of the skinny silhouettes and flared jeans will make your legs look longer and slimmer. For those of you who are hesitant to choose the model of jeans that is right for your body type, pick this one model, and it has been proven to be suitable for use in all body formats.

# Boot Cut

The boot cut silhouette has a tight line to the knee area, which then extends to the wearer’s ankle. For those of you who are fond of wearing cropped-shaped tops, this type of jeans you need to have. The underside of the pants makes it easily worn by various formats, and the body is classified as a curvy type.

# Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans have a silhouette that will wrap the form of our legs tightly from the thigh to the ankle. This one model of jeans is very suitable for us who have slender legs or slim silhouette legs. In addition to the level legs, these jeans also perfectly wrap your hourglass-shaped body and petite body. For those of you who have a round or pear-shaped body type, try to avoid the kind of skinny jeans that will make the format of our legs look not proportional enough.

# Boyfriend Jeans

Even though it looks like a male’s jeans, this one jeans model is classified as something that is not in demand by all women. The cut will hold our waist tight and have a full line from the thigh to the ankle element. The shape that looks loose is what creates the most comfortable jeans to wear. For those of you who have a pear shaped and curvy body, this jeans model will look right for us to wear. However, this model should be avoided by your petite body because the silhouette can make you look shorter.

# Cropped Jeans

For those of us who don’t like pants with enough length to the ankles, cropped jeans can be a mainstay. Models that have a length of three quarters will give up along illusion in the wearer’s feet. If you have a petite body type or feel your thighs look significant, you can use these pants for slimming effects on the legs.

Fashion Ecommerce

6 Reasons Why e-Commerce Websites or Online Fashion Store Are Important for Your Business

With the increasing popularity of the internet and technological civilizations, it is much faster and easier to buy and market products than before.

Now, not a few people use laptops, tablets, and even cellphones to do so many things besides sending emails like making purchases and marketing products over the internet. An easily accessible internet creates an e-commerce website or online fashion store to be an effective technique to connect with a broad audience.

Why should an Online Fashion Website and Shop?

If we have a business and don’t have a web website, we lose a significant opportunity for your business. Web sites can be used to solve many kinds of marketing strategies to help our business grow. As a business owner, you need to understand where our customers are. On the other hand, what if consumers know our business and the products we offer, but they can’t contact you? This is one of the risks we take by not having a website for your business.

So, what else do you have from having a Business Website and an Online Fashion Store?

Let’s look at 6 main propositions to convince us that online is a way to make our business more developed!

1. Accessibility: 24 Hour Marketplace

E-commerce and social media websites that can be accessed 24/7 will allow you to reach customers in all the world. Consumers will feel comfortable at any time to be able to purchase what they want, and when they want it. We will not lose sales figures with online stores that are open 24/7, compared to regular store opening hours. Investment in building format does function as a place (physical store). So even with a good domain name that is paired with online marketing.

One example for company that using 24 hours Customer Service is trusted online casino site where its manage hundred of online gaming transaction. The website also provide online casino and sport books for almost all tournament in Europe and Asia.

2. Practical and Easy to Manage Marketing Costs

Strategically developing web websites and online fashion stores give more spectacular benefits while saving money. If compared with building a store building, signboard, and all the expensive techniques to create our business, it is recognized. An online fashion store allows you to feel an increased risk of profitability. Online business owners do not need to consider the high costs of shop rental, security measures, utility bills, and large staff teams. In the end, it allows us to market products at competitive prices.

3. Customer Comfort

Lately, customers who appreciate the convenience of purchasing goods online are increasing. Compared to draining time in a physical store, people choose to buy over the internet. This can be done at any time either during work hours or before and after activities. The presence of online fashion sites and shops makes it easy for all people, including parents and people with disabilities, to purchase goods without difficulty. Smart businesses are aware of this business and choose to have their website that accommodates their products and services. The aim is for prospective customers to wander online for the products they want to buy. Because, potential buyers want to make more purchases when they can do it instantly, rather than waiting for the regular store to open.

4. Building Credibility with Online Marketing

Having a web website and online store allows you to sell a business online. There are not a few online marketing strategies that you can use to advertise and market your business. With proper search engine optimization (SEO), your site will appear in the top search results of search engines like Google. Social media websites, like Facebook and Twitter, provide you with a platform. The point is to build confidence with customers through reviews (ratings) and ratings (ratings). Besides, it also ensures our customers stay informed with regular articles about your products and offers.

5. Website as an Online Business Representation

The website is like the clothes we wear. One site display can be perfect for one person but not the other. The right trick is to know our style and make sure the appearance of your business web is your online representation. You can also use a website to connect with customers by spending customer service. Such as order tracking, shipping confirmation, and product recommendations according to their order history on your site.

6. High Conversion Rate = More Sales

Without sales or marketing more than the costs incurred, your business can end. By having a website and online store, it allows us to market our products or services all the time for anyone and anytime. When someone rises from a store without buying, there can be they will return or not return to buy. Shopping online works with the same technique, baskets making purchases are ubiquitous for abandonment.

The difference is that online has not a few tools that allow us to resell products that consumers might have witnessed — the best tactic to bring people home to your website. In short, “being seen” widely in the eyes of the world creates you getting more and fewer consumers. The fewer consumers and visitors on web sites and online stores, the fewer sales you will make. The fewer sales, the happier you are.

It is imperative for every business to have a website. The more professional your website and online fashion store, the less profit you can get.


Reasons Why T-Shirt Printing Has A Huge Impact On The Market

Brands that make deals with companies that own TV shows and movies will surely experience a sky-rocketing amount of success.

If you take a glimpse at some of the latest reports, customized t-shirts are all the rage currently, and this industry has grown considerably in the last couple of years. The industry is expected to cross $10 billion by the year 2025. If you do have an online t-shirt printing service, then you can relate to this substantial success.

Here are some reasons as to why the business will trend even more in the coming years:

  1. Branding deals help the printing businesses to print the brand name on the t-shirt and then let the customers customize it however they want. The website does give us, the customers the option to have whatever kinds of design we want on it. Logos do have some amazing value in the fashion world.

    A fascination for TV shows and movies can only catapult the success. If you are a fan of Game Of Thrones or Avengers Endgame, you are in luck as both the franchises have had immense success this year. With both epic storylines coming to an end, fans have been going crazy for their merchandise. The final season of Game Of Thrones will divide fans into Starks and Targaryens, and this can only mean happiness for t-shirt makers and printers.There have been some astonishing designs that have been floating around online, and the fans have been going crazy for them. One of the websites came out and said that they sold their entire Avengers Endgame Merchandise in less than 1 minute. Now, these are the kind of numbers that you would see if you had an online t-shirt printing business.

  2. Customer loyalty is one more thing that is one of the best things about being a t-shirt designer or printer. You would have attracted customers, and those customers will be loyal to you and your business as long as you give them products that are made with good materials and the printing designs are good.Customer
  3. You don’t even have to invest a whole lot of money in marketing your business because the t-shirt printing businesses get recognized through word of mouth. Your biggest customers are the current youth and the youths of today are very vocal people; therefore, they would tell their friends all about your business and that how you get new customers.
  4. Promote a green planet. Since you have the loyalty of the youth of the world, the millennials, you should impart some green ways of life, and they will surely take your word for it. You can start by using eco-friendly materials.
luxury clothing

Best Luxury Clothing Brands in the World

Quoting the words of Mark Twain, “Clothes make the man; naked people have little to no influence on the society”.

I have listed some of the most glamorous, most luxurious brands in the world. These brands are known for their hard work and for providing us with premium quality clothing and other products as well. Only a small percentage of the world’s population can afford to purchase products from these brands, some of them prepared as jackpot prize by the most reliable agen sbobet in Asia. The list is in no specific order.

  1. Armani is an Italian brand that was started by Giorgio Armani in the year 1975. If you glance at someone and see that they are wearing Armani products, then you know that they belong to the premium part of society. Giorgio had worked with several Italian brands before starting Armani.
  2. Gucci has indeed been at the forefront of the industry for almost 100 years. This is also an Italian brand which was founded by Guccio Gucci in the year 1920. They opened their first store in the year 1921. Guccio was an immigrant who worked in a hotel in Paris where he was first fascinated by premium handbags that the customers would bring in. Gucci now makes high-end products, bags, shoes, clothes and perfumes are a few, to begin with.Gucci
  3. Louis Vuitton is indeed one of the most famous names in the fashion industry. This French fashion house was initially started in the year 1854. The company produces leather goods, sunglasses, handbags, luxury clothing, watches and jewelry as well. Many celebrities have stated that they love Louis Vuitton.
  4. Chanel has been associated with the premium and luxury fashion part of the industry for more than a hundred years. Coco Chanel founded this company in the year 1909 in the beautiful city of Paris. They first launched perfumes and the Chanel suit.
  5. Hermes is a French luxury manufacturer which was founded in the year 1837 by the legendary Thierry Hermes, and it is still in control by the Hermes family. It also specializes in making high-end leather bags, perfumes, timepieces, home furnishing products and jewelry as well.Hermes
  6. Prada is a fashion brand which was started by Mario Prada in Milan, Italy in the year 1913. It has been successful for well over a century and shows no signs of slowing down. They make sunglasses, leather bags, etc. They have over 600 fashion boutiques all across the globe. They have an annual revenue of 4 billion dollars.
  7. Ralph Lauren is known for its perfume, polo shirts and other high fashion accessories. Ralph Lauren founded it in the year 1971. He designed clothing for many sporting events such as the Olympics, Wimbledon, etc.

You Will Be Amazed with the 6 Unique Clothes Here

The design of an outfit gave a real contribution to the growth of the fashion world.

However, this design is inseparable from fashion. Without design, fashion will look bland or flat. A person’s interest in using a garment is also not a little determined by the design of the clothing.

The more unique a dress is, the more people will wear it. The more, not a few people wear it. Then the clothing will become a trend in society.

Fashion trends can make someone willing to drain money to follow them. No wonder, because the fashion worn by someone can reflect who that person is. Expensive clothes will be bought by rich people or who can buy these clothes.

Because clothing is not only useful as a cover for the body, however, there are also aspects of the social position that you want to show through these clothes. Apart from social standing, clothing also indicates a cultural identity.

In addition to the unique interests of prospective buyers, the design also assesses the price of a garment. The more unique, the higher turnover will be obtained. Therefore, the selection of this design is not the origin. That’s why there are jobs that have designer names, and there is fashion design knowledge.

Still closely related to designers, you will say about designer clothes. Maybe you are familiar with this term. Unlike the mainstream clothes that are produced in large quantities, designer clothes are designed exclusively by all limited number of professional fashion designers.

Usually, the shirt model will look exciting and different. The price is, of course, different, not the same as mainstream clothes that are not sold in the market.

What are the unique clothes from all the designers? Consider the following discussion, yeah.

Cream Puff Dress

Besides hamburgers, there are also those who make cream puffs as inspiration in creating clothes. That person is Valentyn Stefano, a Ukrainian chef. He has designed a dress for 1,500 cream puffs. In about two months, Stefano completed this 9 kg of clothing. This idea began when Stefano wanted to make his wedding moment unusual and unforgettable.
Then, he concluded to create his dress that would be worn by his future wife on her wedding day. Because Stefano is a chef and a fantastic dish on the wedding day is a wedding cake, he also chooses cream puff as the main material for wedding dresses for his future wife. Uniquely, this dress is truly edible!

Chocolate Dress

Chocolate is a favorite food of not a few people in this world. Not only children, but adults also are not a few who still like to consume this type of food. Chocolate can be used as a snack at any time, but not at night for those of you who are fat phobias.
This food is popular because it contains substances that are believed to make people who eat it happily. Therefore, chocolate is not a bit of a symbol of love. Chocolate as a symbol of this love may have inspired a familiar designer from Spain to conjure chocolate into something unique, namely wedding dresses. Marriage is full of affection, almost the same as chocolate. Therefore, Paco Rabanner also created a wedding gown from the arrangement of white or white chocolate bars. This mini gown can support the bride’s appearance, unique, and elegant at the same time.

Charmin Toilet Paper Dress

Wedding dresses are among the things that attract the attention of the bride and groom. Many women are willing to think long to judge the material, the motive, to what kind of dress they will wear on their wedding day. But it turns out, this wedding dress in New York, United States is a bit different than other wedding dresses. The dress on display at this event was even made of toilet paper. Following the competition’s name, Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest, not a few well-known designers are struggling to devote their creativity to make beautiful dresses with toilet paper.The prizes offered are also quite large, namely USD 10 thousand or for Rp 133 million. No wonder, not a few people are interested in joining this competition. Of the 1,500 wedding gowns created from toilet paper, Van Tran’s design gowns successfully amazed all the judges and became the winner of the competition.

Van Tran is a designer from Brooklyn. He designed the dress and its accessories like a flower crown, a veil, and floral arrangements using 70 rolls of toilet paper.

Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress

Lady Gaga is indeed familiar as a figure who usually looks eccentric and brave on almost every occasion. Apart from using the Balloon Gown during concerts, the phenomenal attractive costumes different from Lady Gaga are a dress created from meat.

Lady Gaga wore a Franc Fernandez design dress and was painted by Formichetti while attending the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. It was so interesting and unusual, and the dress was named the best suit ever in the Time magazine version. Not only dresses, even Lady Gaga’s accessories are like hats and bags, all of which are also made from fresh meat.

Wedding dress Glow in The Dark

Rihanna was a queen at the Met Gala in 2015 wearing a yellow dress Guo Pei. In addition to Rihanna, Claire Danes appeared on the same program as Elf Night with the design of Zac Posen. Both are elegant, beautiful, and unique because they use dresses with the concept of glow in the dark. Claire Danes can be said to appear most radiant during the party.
The glow in the dark concept dress is also starting to be a little glimpsed by fashion designers in all the world. This dress was adopted as the most amazing romantic wedding gown. Maybe, this dress at a glance looks like an ordinary wedding dress because it looks plain white. But actually, the designer added glow in the dark ornaments.

Not only white, but the light shown is also various, such as white opal, ruby, beige, champagne, and white alabaster lilies. This dress is very suitable for weddings with themes that are not too light. Wearing this dress, the bride will appear as the most shining on her special day.

Haute Couture from Used Newspapers

Maybe not a few people ask, what is Haute Couture? Haute Couture is a luxury industrial spearhead or luxury merchandise. Initially, Haute Couture acted more like a laboratory with defile or fashion shows as a fashion trend design. So, haute couture is indeed the most synonymous with extraordinary luxury.
The dress created from this used newspaper is not the one that was made one time. Even this dress is not new. Because, in the 1960s, among Dior designers, John Galliano, had designed a dress from used newspapers.

Apparently, until now, the trend of used newspapers still seized the fashion community. So, there are still not a few designers who continue to innovate to create clothing from used newspaper materials.

The innovation was also carried out by a familiar designer from France, Franck Sorbier. Sorbier is a couturier, the highest level in the world of fashion design. In 2015, he showed his newest collection on the Paris Haute Couture stage. Sorbier presents luxury, exoticism, and art in gold blankets.

6 Korean Artists Are the Most Influential Fashion Trendsetter

Whatever is used by South Korean artists is not uncommon to be wanted and sold out on the market.

These 6 celebrities are the most dominant fashion trendsetter in Korea, as quoted from Koreaboo.

1. Naeun ‘Apink’

One of Apink’s girlband personnel, Naeun, is known to love using products from the Adidas brand. The singer and actress are often seen wearing Adidas leggings, to the extent that the public often calls her the ‘informal Adidas model.’ Good body shape and fashionable taste create Korean women, especially fans, immediately chasing Naeun’s items to the store.

2. Bae Suzy

Often this 23-year-old woman is present in not a few Korean commercial advertisements, from cosmetics to fashion brands creating Suzy’s appearance always ignored from top to bottom. In his Instagram account, @skuukzky, he often posts himself attending not a few famous fashion brand shows like Fendi, Guess, and so on.

3. G-Dragon ‘Bigbang.’

Since its appearance in Graduation Photo created by Chanel along with not a few Hollywood celebrities such as Julianne Moore, Lily Collins, Rita Ora to Kristen Stewart in 2015, G-Dragon has become one of the stars that the world budgeted as a fashion trendsetter. Vogue Magazine and Karl Lagerfeld have even acknowledged its influence in the fashion world. Not only stylish, but G-Dragon also established his fashion label, named PEACEMINUSONE.

4. Sunmi

The former member of the Wonder Girls group often distributes outfit of the day photos on her Instagram account, @miyayeah. Like the clothes from Ralph Lauren during photo shooting with Marie Claire magazine. Whatever is worn by Sunmi looks appropriate so that it creates people who want to buy the products they wear.

5. V ‘BTS’

This man who originally had the name Kim Tae Hyung likes to wear the Gucci brand. So V, the stage name, is known as “The Human Gucci.” Like wearing an oversized jumper paired with Doc Martens sandals or floral motif long-sleeved shirts with checked pants.

6. Jennie ‘Blackpink’

Like V ‘BTS’, Jennie was named as “The Human Gucci” because of her passion for wearing the Gucci brand clothing. His small and cute stature creates all the clothes worn look good. No wonder if not a few people want to imitate the style of Jennie who does not often appear stylish.

Miserable, Kim Kardashian Difficulty Sitting for Wearing this Shirt at the 2019 MET Gala

Kim Kardashian included in the composition of the worst dressed celebrities at the 2019 MET Gala. But it is impossible to deny that his appearance on Monday (05/06/2019) that night was among the most abducted attention.

This reality TV star ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ is wearing a super tight dress designed by Thierry Mugler. The smallest visible waist is also a conversation.

It turned out that it needed sacrifices to get the look of the hourglass body. In the behind-the-scenes video launched by Vogue, Kim Kardashian divulged her super slim waist secrets at the 2019 MET Gala.

The wife of Kanye West rapper is wearing a nude corset that was created exclusively by Mr. Pearl. He is an experienced French corset designer.

The use of corsets is combined with Spanx, which gives a slim silhouette from the waist to the thigh while the corset itself is created with a deep cleavage and transparent bra strap.

As reported by People, it takes three assistants to help him use corsets and Spanx. After the use of the corset is complete, then Kim Kardashian wearing a silicone mini dress by Thierry Mugler.

Wearing a corset and super tight dress, Kim Kardashian told In Chief Editor Vogue Anna Wintour if she would not be able to sit correctly at the gala dinner.

“Anna, if I don’t sit at dinner, you know why. I’ll walk and talk, talk, but I can’t sit. I can only sit half,” Kim said.